This Is The Face Of Customer Service

This is the face of customer service.
Customer service is constantly apologising for things that aren’t your fault and are out of your control.

Customer service is getting abused daily and being expected to suck it up. Customer service is being worked to the bone with 0 appreciation or acknowledgment. Customer service is starting earlier and finishing later with no extra pay just to make sure everything gets done to keep everyone happy and make others jobs easier.

Customer service is exhausting. I do not hate my job but it is just getting harder and harder. We are not robots.

Screaming at us is not going to help anyone. All it’s doing is making our job harder. We try our absolute best. We really do. We go above and beyond to try and make everyone happy. I will never understand why people are so horrible to workers in retail and why no other customers stand up for us while we are being abused.
Welcome to the life of an assistant customer service manager and a retail worker.


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