This Is What Plus Size Pregnancy Looks Like

This is what plus size pregnancy looks like. ❤️

I’m both excited and scared to share this picture. It shows no more skin (actually less) than my swim suit but putting my body out there like this is still hard. However, I want people, especially people who look like me, to see the power and beauty in a plus size pregnancy.

It’s hard for us fat girls when it comes to pregnancy. There are a lot of preconceived notions that you can’t be fat and have a healthy pregnancy. You can’t be plus size and bring a baby into this world. Even when you do get pregnant, you don’t get the cute maternity clothes, the bump isn’t always what you expect and it’s a lot more months of people just wondering if you got fatter because your belly doesn’t look like other pregnant bellies. However, plus size pregnancies are normal, healthy and happen all the time. It feels like we don’t get to really celebrate our pregnant bodies the way other women get to.

This photo is a testament to my body and the four pregnancies it has gone through. The first two did come with complications, ones that affect women of every size and were not related to my weight. My path to and through motherhood has not been easy. I have placed a child for adoption. I have spent over a year’s time with a child in the NICU. I have lost a child while caring for a newborn and now I get to welcome our rainbow baby into our family. This body has been through A LOT. I’m proud of it and the amazing children it has brought me.

Plus size pregnancies are still worthy of being photographed and celebrated. If you have ever felt like your bump photos weren’t as cute as other people or shied away from maternity photos because you felt too big, I see you. Being pregnant and fat isn’t easy. You are worthy of celebrating your body, your pregnancy and all that comes with it. Big girls, own your bump! Who cares if it’s not the ‘cute bump’ other women get, you are going through all the same things and deserve the glory and the joy of celebrating your baby and your body.

This may very well be my last pregnancy, so even though this bump isn’t ‘perfect’, it’s carrying my son and that is perfect to me. I’ve found the beauty in this plus size pregnancy and I hope so many other moms and moms to be struggling with body issues in pregnancy know that they are beautiful and that their belly is too. ❤️

📸: Reverie Photo & Film


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