This Is Why You Should Say No To Piercing Guns

This is why you should say NO to piercing guns.

Most guns causes a blunt-force trauma that’ll damage your ears. Yes, “back in the days”, we didn’t have this kind of knowledge that we have now. Cartilage does not respond well to the guns and could cause your cartilage to be *shattered* from the trauma.

It’s harder to clean a piercing gun since it cannot be properly sterilized because it’s made of plastic. That can cause risk of infection (since it already harder to heal) and disease transmission.

Why would you want to be pierced with a dull backing of an earring over a sharp, sterilize needle?

It take two weeks to train someone how to use a piercing gun, and it takes 6 months to a year to fully train a piercer the knowledge of proper placements and learning of sterilization of the needles, tapers, jewelry, etc.

We don’t all have the same “standard” ear.

Of course there’s risk with any piercings. Proper technique and aftercare is a biggy. Go to a tattoo shop/piercing shop over going to the mall to Claire’s. Spend your money to properly get your ears pierced by a *professional piercer*.

Do your research!

Protect your health!

Say YES to needles. ☺️



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