This Picture Breaks My Heart

This picture breaks me each and every time I share it. Jemma wasnt a first time mum Sydney-may was her 7th child.
She had bed shared with all of her other babies and they had all been absolutely fine. They were all healthy and no problems.
Sadly Sydney-may died bed sharing at 3 months old cause of death was sudden death no reason no cause found. Her amazing mummy never knew the dangers she followed safety she thought having her baby close was safe as I said she had bed shared with all her other babies and not once had an issue why never once crossed her mind something would or could happen .

Here you see a mother clutching her deceased baby girl who is cold and sadly she is starting to change . Her mummy saw her each day till her funeral. Can you see that raw emotion the pain the heartbreak? This is what you all risk EVERY single time you bed share . Guidelines that people go on about dont make it safe that just make it safer. They don’t mean it’s ok to do they were created for those who refuse to be educated.

Each time you place baby in bed instantly you increase their risk by 5 time until 3 months then 3 times. Those risks are also when you are actually following the guidelines and doing bed sharing as safe as possible . Did you know babies have no cartilage in their nose ? Meaning if the are by mum dad an nose pressed on their arm shoulder they will die their airway will he cut off babie are nose breathers. They rarely mouth breathing meaning when nose is restricted their oxygen soon plummets and they suffocate .

Please please take a long look at this picture remember it every single time you think of placing baby in your bed for just an hr more sleep or to get any sleep . Babies are hard work NOBODY denies this but please dont risk their life for sleep. Or because you think bed sharing is better easier you are attachment parenting no matter the reason remember this picture remember her pain .

She is an amazing mummy who’s raised absolutely thousand tens of thousands for different causes in her babies name her legacy , monitors headstones presents for less fortunate thousands for a baby fighting cancer thousands on difibulator and so much more has and amazing raffle page win £1k sometimes and best also is if you dont like the prize on offer then you can choose to take money equivalent all profit 100% goes to the trust .

Sydney-May saving lives through her legacy and helping give other babies the headstones they rightly deserve proud to know her mummy proud of all she does ❤❤❤❤


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