This Sock May Have Saved My Babies Life

For the people who know that we use an “Owlet Sock Monitor” on our daughter: read this story. For those who don’t know we use it: read this story. For those who have no clue what an Owlet is, but possibly know anyone who’s having a baby or thinking about someday having a baby: read this story.

To put this briefly, baby girl’s sock monitor may have saved her life last night.

The Owlet is a pulse-ox monitor that is worn as a sock when she’s sleeping. It will alert when it’s not placed right on her foot and cannot get a good reading. It will alert when there’s poor connection because of internet, or what have you. And it also does a SCARY alert when an oxygen or heart rate level drops too low.

We initially wanted this item just for a peace of mind— nothing was wrong with her health. It was expensive, so we hesitated (and I get the vibe that any new or expecting mommas that ask me about it feel this same way). I thought, “Is this thing really worth it?” UMMMMM HARD YES. It alarmed us with that scary noise at about 3am last night. My husband got to her first and basically ripped her out of that crib because we were both terrified. She had rolled over in her sleep and was on her belly, face down. But she is OK.

However, the further we looked into the graphs that the app shows of her breathing pattern through the night, it had gradually started dropping from about 215am on. And at the same time, she was in a deep sleep. So she had no clue she needed to turn her face. Was this a progression into SIDS? We don’t know. But what I do know is I’m thankful for that Owlet so I didn’t have to find out the answer to that! Owlet



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