To Everyone Blaming The Government

To everyone blaming the government for the Covid19 death toll surpassing that of Spain and France and calling them incompetent, bear this in mind:
It is possible to change an argument in your favour with statistics even if they are not truly representative. Try looking at it logically and dispassionately.

If you look at the population levels of the 3 countries mentioned, the U.K. has the highest at around 70 million, compared to 66 million in France and 49 million in Spain.
Then look at the size of the area these people are living in : The UK 250,000 km2, France 650,000 km2, Spain 506,000 km2.
Figured it out yet? No?

The U.K. has a population density of 280 people per km2
France has a population density of 102 people per km2
Spain has a population density of 97 people per km2

Know what that means? That means, ( according to figures from google today) the U.K., despite having nearly 3 times (275%) the population density of France and (289%) that of Spain, has death figures which are only 8% more than France and 7.5% more than Spain.

But, it’s easier for the media to use the headline number in order to create the hysteria and panic they are so desperate for to give this story legs, so why let facts get in the way of the narrative.
Wake up people, use your brains, not your emotions.
Have a lovely day.


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