Vaccination Destroyed My Boys Life

4 years ago my perfectly healthy son became a ventilator dependent quadriplegic due to the vaccine Gardasil.

Whether you call the condition TM or AFM they are both terms for polio renamed.

Colton fought so hard to get better. He was so strong and pushed himself trying to achieve a normal body that he once had never to achieve it in this lifetime.

Gardasil took his happy life from him.

Gardasil took everything away from him that you take for granted like breathing, being able to walk, scratching your own itch, hugging someone, dressing yourself. Gardasil took my son from me.

MERCK knows these risks exist. THE GOVERNMENT knows these risks exist Doctors know these risks exist yet they still administer vaccines because of money! They aren’t administering vaccines for your health and safety it’s all about money! There’s no true safety studies on vaccines CDC destroys the info showing bad side effects from vaccines.

Please do your research..I did mine too late. My son is gone!

I miss him like crazy.

You can protect your kids don’t be a fool… don’t trust a doctor that makes money pushing vaccines. READ A TRUE VACCINE INSERT-DARE YOUR DOCTOR TO READ THE VACCINE INSERT.


The HPV Vaccine On Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed

(Coltons story in this book! )

Please read this link to understand polio and how it’s renamed!

Credit Kathleen Berrett

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