Vaginal Breech Birth Story

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“I had a big fear of giving birth again after my traumatic experience with the birth of my son.

I was determined this time around to better that experience and take the trauma and fear of birth out of it.

I found out at 32 weeks that my daughter was Frank Breech, with that came a lot of anxiety and fear as I automatically thought I’d have to have a cesarean.

I was so unsure and had a lot of mixed emotions about having a breech baby. As society has made it that it’s not normal having a breech baby and people will tell you it results in a cesarean.

I had a failed ECV and i was left feeling deflated and I felt all the emotions and fear of my sons birth coming back.

I was thankful enough to have myself an amazing student midwife who was equipped with so much knowledge and understanding of a breech birth, she reassured me that it was another variation of “normal” and that I could do it! So with that she gave me all the information I needed and I did my research.

After doing my research and empowering myself I made the decision to try a VBB.

Let me tell you that I had the most amazing empowering breech birth!

My birth was completely hands off with no intervention. It is another form of normal and it doesn’t end in a cesarean.

Vaginal Breech Birth Story
Vaginal Breech Birth Story

Our bodies and babies are amazing working together and knowing exactly what to do.

I’m super grateful that I had an amazing student midwife and hospital who supported a VBB and also an amazing birth team.

Breech is another normal way to birth your baby! Breech is empowering! I will forever be changed by my daughters birth. The fear and anxiety I once had about birth is gone!”

Story told by Momma: @laalaa7 on IG

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