Wanna See Something Cool, Amazing Womb Connection

Do you ever look at your child and see your mother in them, that smile, the way they move, the dodgy look they give you, yes of course you will see similarities after all your child and mother are genetically connected but they are closer than you may have thought.

Wanna see something cool?! Did you know that your grandmother carried you inside her womb?? That’s right! A female fetus is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. So when your Grandmother was carrying your Mother in her womb, you were a teeny tiny egg in your Mum’s ovaries 🤗. The three of you have been connected for a very long time❤

I love this fact, I love the bond my own children have with their grandmother and now it is even more special and I look at my own Gran and think wow I was once inside you to, you also carried me before you even had your own daughter, my amazing mum.

Emailed in by Brody Knox

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