Warning Burglars Tricks In The Snow

Burglars tricks in the snow.

So you may have awoke to a beautiful white landscape, you’ve woken the children and got them wrapped up lovely and warm ready for school.

After dropping your children off you head on to your own work, a day or hard graft but at least you’re in the warm.

Once work has ended you collect your children from the child minder and make your way home for a nice hot drink and to get changed into something more comfortable.

But as you head up your drive way you can see the front door is open, walking into your home you see an utter state, clothes, books and paper work just scattered everywhere, the children’s rooms have been ransacked and their games consoles taken, your grandmas jewellery which isn’t worth much financially but means so much to you emotionally has been taken.

Once all that has sunk in you contact the police, they don’t rush out as it’s not an emergency so you sit round your neighbour’s house waiting for them to arrive.

The police arrive and take a look around the police officer says they see more burglaries in the snow, but how?, burglars don’t tend to plan to far in advance most are opportunists.

When you leave your home in the snow you are telling everyone that you have left with your footprints facing one way, the police advised that before you head off for the day to walk up and down the drive or path a couple of times.

I wish I had known this as maybe I wouldn’t have been targeted and my children wouldn’t be so fearful being in their own home, it’s a simple mistake and could happen to anyone but when just one set of footprints you are telling potential thieves that no one is home.

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