Warning On How Dangerous Covid 19 Is

I was tested positive in Maryland for Covid-19. This may be a lengthy post, but I want to warn everyone, based on my experience, how dangerous this virus is. I am a 39 year old male in good health. I no longer smoke and have been swimming, jogging and working out at the gym. If you think that this virus doesn’t affect young people, please keep on reading because it does. Just imagine what it does to someone not in as great shape as you are

The symptoms started for me on Sunday night with digestive problems, but I didn’t think much of it. I just thought it was something I ate. Monday they persisted and I started becoming aware of the situation.

Then on Tuesday, the fever started. So carefree with my remarks I started to worry about what I had done or image I had created. I started texting everyone to give them some type of heads up or warning. I took matters into my own hands and quarantined myself, keeping important life threatening information from my family and friends . I just hoped this would just pass and I would be fine

Big Mistake! My fever progressed to a dangerous level (104+ degrees) the point your brain starts to cook and get brain damage. You have to understand what it takes to make yourself an ice bath when you clearly know it’s going to hurt, but that’s that’s the sacrifice you make to protect the people you hold dearest to your heart. I downplayed the runny nose and a a cough so intense I could not sleep, I got winded just to get supplies my loved one got me.. Then comes the sneezing blood and choking on your own fluids. It wakes you up and makes you stand up because you might lose conciseness. Mean while watching your body deplete and seeing a difference in weight. This is all the while leading people nearest my heart to believe I was just running a fever and not feeling well.

Wednesday I took the what strength I had to go to urgent care, just to be turned away. I was treated like a rabid animal and they kept at a distance. Defeated and with no energy, I gave up that night looking for a WV doctor to care for me. I saw first hand what people are experiencing in this state — the lack of care or compassion.

By Thursday, my symptoms were so severe I realized I had to to go to the doctor. My temp was over 104”. I pulled what strength I had left to get tested and to get an answer to what ailed me. I immediately tested negative for the flu and RSV. Sent to Maryland to a have further test, they immediately shoved huge ass Q tip up both nostrils. Sent home that night and experimental drugs were delivered right to my door step. . The next day I get the call my lab results came back positive. More drugs delivered to help fight this horrible disease. I have Covid-19 and as of today am doing much better now, the fever has subsided, but I am focused on alerting whoever I can to take this VERY SERIOUSLY.

Keep your DISTANCE and take this disease seriously. If not, you’re the ones that don’t have a fighting chance.

We still can change the trajectory of this disease, but if we don’t this virus will decimate our country and our families. Please think of your family members who still have a chance to avoid catching this serious disease. Please let me know if you have any questions for me.

Thanks, Chris

Credit https://www.facebook.com/chris.alexander.39566

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