Warning To Bugaboo Pram Owners

Warning for all looking to buy Bugaboo pram!!! Our Bugaboo 3 pram collapsed suddenly today while carrying my 2-year-old on a busy road. The handle locking system malfunctioned causing the pram to lose it’s balance and collapsed.

My son was lying flat at the time and cracked his head on the metal frame when it collapsed, which resulted in head injuries and lots of blood loss. We took him to the nearby walk-in centre where the nurse has examined him and put in stitches to help healing the wound.

We are back home now, recovering from the shock and anger, while watching out for symptoms such as vomiting or loosing consciousness. Bugaboo has always marketed their products as reliable and sturdy, we’ve been extremely disappointed and would like to warn everybody who are looking to spend a fortune on this brand!

credit Joana Daley

Joana Daley posted this on Facebook and many other mums commented that they had similar problems with this Bugaboo pram, people are urged to report any such occurrences to the company in the hopes of a fix or a recall of the pram.

Several people also commented and said they have had no issues what so ever with the pram but said they would check the pram carefully before each use.

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