We Can Help Paramedics With One Simple Act

Finally a post goes viral for all the right reasons,

The original writer of this is unknown but the message is still very clear, and we have to say we 100% agree with him or her.

“While I sat in Greg’s drinking my brew and eating my sandwich 2 paramedics who were obviously taking a chance to grab A quick bite between call outs came in and joined the queue waiting to get their morning breakfast and cuppa.

Just as they got to the till they got a shout on the radio.

They both laughed at each other and said we never wanted one anyway.

They both rushed out to help someone, possibly even save a life, or live’s.

Now I am only assuming this but I would have thought that those 2 paramedics have one of the most important jobs in the world and everyone else in the queue this morning was going to work, waiting for the shops to open or like me just having a quick brew to keep warm.

Now here is a thought what if we use this social media thing and get people and companies to allow paramedics and all other emergency services to jump the queue and get served as soon as they come in, so they stand half a chance of a drink and food before they go on their day helping people.

Can all my friends and there friends share this post so it may reach the big companies and other people who just might give their spot in the queue.

I myself would always stand back and let them go in front of me after all their next shout may god forbid could be me or someone I know or I love”.

Lets all let not only paramedics but any emergency service workers go ahead of us, after all they are the ones we call upon at our most vunerable times


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