We Need A World Full Of Genuine Amazing Women


God only knows that is true.

I say the wrong things, often.

I make the wrong choices, daily.

I overlook life’s important things sometimes and become bogged down in the shallow end.

I occasionally judge others with the harshness I view myself. And that is wrong.

I am most definitely not perfect.

I am not a perfect partner, daughter, colleague, friend, parent or lover.

Some days, it is all I can do to keep swimming, to stay afloat.

Other days I feel like I could take on the world and win.

But mostly, I lumber through the days blindly, hoping for the best.

I may not be perfect, my friends.

But you know what I definitely am?

I am myself.

I am genuine.

I am kind.

I am true.

I am human.

I am trying to be better.

Every day.

And perfection may continue to elude me for evermore, but it really doesn’t matter.

In fact, perfection may well be a myth.

For I have never seen it.

So, don’t judge my imperfection please, unless you have reached that sacred place already.

Instead, why not join me here in the real world.

A world full of genuine, ‘normal’, amazing women – getting it wrong every day… and being wonderfully imperfect.

Credit: ladiepassiton

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