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What would you do? Would you talk to the parents of the children In her class or…

What would you do? Would you talk to the parents of the children In her class or speak to teacher or invite kids round to play? My daughter is 6 and this is the conversation we had this morning

Her; mum can we move please?
Me; why?
Her: I hate my school everyone has friends and none of them let me play
Me; what do you mean?
Her; at lunch time I try to talk to them and they either say I can’t play or run away (then sobs)
Me; so what do you do for the rest of the hour?
Her; I sing to myself that makes me feel better or stand with Miss.Oakes (dinner lady) she likes me
Me; oh honey
Her; I hate how I am, if I talked faster or was funny maybe they would let me play.
Me; honey your perfect the way you are, if they don’t let you play then they are missing out on an awesome friend
Her; fix me mum please fix me

My heart is breaking for my little girl she is the sweetest, kindest child I’ve ever met and I hate to see her so upset


14 thoughts on “What would you do? Would you talk to the parents of the children In her class or…

  • Please don’t think I’m doubting your daughter but my son did this to me, full on sobs too so I went down to the school, turns out he’s the most popular kid in the class and everyone wants to play with him 😑 I felt like a fool when the teacher told me x

  • OMG my heart broke reading that. Poor girl. Had a similar convo with my 4 Yo recently about his crèche. I went and spoke to the staff. Tbh I think it’s the staffs job to make sure every1 is included. I know some schools offer a ‘buddy program’ where if things like this are happening there is a peer there to go to and play with. Hope it’s sorted out for ur little 1 xx

  • I’ve had this with my 7 year old boy. I went into school and spoke to the teachers. Turns out it was one boy in particular who was telling he other children to be horrible to my boy. Teacher spoke to the class as a whole about how important it is to be nice and friendly with everyone, she also had my son and this boy talk together aswell to sort the problem. I’ve been in a few times guns blazing as I won’t have my kid feel left out. We joined beavers as some of the boys from his school go there and that’s helped, he’s also doing pack lunches now which has helped aswell as there are different children to sit with. We still have the same issues every now and then, but I remind my boy that those children are horrible and not to go after them and find the boys who do play with him. It’s hard as it’s horrible seeing them upset and not wanting to go into school xx

  • I had this problem and it was one person telling everyone else to run and being a sly bully speak to the school they should of done more! Its a form of bullying, they need to get your daughters self of steam back up and help her mingle x

  • I would ask the teacher who she plays with and tell her the reason, I had a similar thing and my daughter walked around with the dinner lady so I asked every day who did she play with today so they knew I wasn’t letting it drop

  • Speak to the teacher absolutely, tell her that you want to find out exactly what is happening in case there is bullying going on or there is some kind of mixing issue. things like this can mould their personalities for the future I think and if it is any form of bullying it needs nipping in the bud right now. Might be worth asking to speak to the dinner lady along with the teacher she must have an idea of what’s happening if your little girl is standing with her when it happens… I’m no expert but that is what I would do to start things off and go from there. I feel for you that must be a horrible horrible thing to hear your child tell you. What you said to her sounds great and just give her assurances that feeling like that is not alright and you will help her deal with it. Good luck xxx

  • This is awful 😢 I wish your daughter was at my son’s school because she sound amazing and they love making new friends. But in this situation I would go speak to the head/teacher and maybe go from there x

  • Aww hun my heart goes out to you really it does I’d ask who she most wants to be friends with and ask for them to come one night after school. It did wonders for my boy 🙂 xx

  • Speak to her teacher. Raise your concerns and see what they say. She may not realise and be mindful when setting tasks as a group

  • Could you maybe arrange a tea party & invite all the ‘mean girls’, with games that make them all have to interact with each other. There’s usually a ring leader who’ll you’ll be able to pick out & spot what’s going on & why.
    Just a thought. Breaks my heart to hear this about your little girl so I’d hate to imagine how you feel x

  • Speak to the school. My little sister had the same issue and the school set up a friend zone type thing where anyone who didn’t have someone to play with could go. Several kids from different year groups were told if they saw a child in the friend zone, go over and offer to play with them. My sister hasn’t had a problem since z

  • i would go in and speak to the teacher and ask if they can encourage a friendship. The teacher needs to be made aware of the situation so he/she can help x

  • the school have a duty of care and they are allowing your child to be alienated thats failing their duty of care!


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