Where’s The Mum Village In 2018?

Where’s the village in 2018?

Anytime a mom vents and says “I just need a break!” Someone has to follow it with “well you had them “they’re your responsibility”.

Says the person who back when your generation was having children, had family and friends that would actually be your “village”.

➡️ There is no village in 2018 ⬅️

Maybe sometimes when us moms mention we just need a break, it’s because we’re teetering the edge of mental stability & going to a crazy place. It’s not because we don’t love and cherish our kids, trust me we do. Sometimes we just need an hour to clear our minds and have a reprieve.

Women just need a little break but are too scared to ask because of the remarks they receive. Then when something happens, those same people say, “well why didn’t you ask for help?”

You see, she did ask. You told her they were her problem. So she never asked again. She cried in the shower begging someone just to help.

Be careful of your words. Lend a hand. Yea, they are “her kids”, but if you are her friend or family, if you love those children and they mean something to you, why does it inconvenience you to take time out of your life to make memories with those kids? While at the same it’s helping mom have some time or help mom & dad strengthen their relationship?

Let’s bring the village back and stop shaming parents for needing a little time to themselves.

Full Credit Megan Noelle Powell

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