Who Are The Parents? You’re Failing At Parenting

I witnessed something shocking last night around 10.30pm in Colchester, Essex, that sums up how bad our society is becoming. A group of 14 yr olds set upon a young boy, and as you would expect, his father came out to disperse the little shits. All 8 of them then set about the father and kicked and punched him to the head, and while he was down, the girls then proceeded to kick him in the face while he was down.

3 of us ran out to his aid and dispersed these idiots, who then wanted to take us on. We helped the guy into the recovery position and called the police.

The worst of the group were the foul-mouthed girls who I would have been ashamed to have called my daughter.

The question is .. Who are the parents ? The ultimate failures, the ones that take no responsibility for their children.

Well I wonder how proud they feel this morning, and everyday of their failed parenting ?

 I hope the Parents of these disgraceful kids get exposed, and begin taking some responsibility. In the first instance, wondering where their 13 and 14 yr olds are at 10.30 at night !!

What is the world coming to when Children are showing no respect to anyone. Bring back corporal punishment, it never did my generation any harm, in fact it demonstrated there were unpleasant consequences for your actions. Something that is clearly absent from young people’s lives these days.

When I was young we wouldn’t have dared to even talk back to an adult let alone physically and verbally attacked someone, had we been caught doing something we shouldn’t have, just the threat of them telling our parents stopped our antics.

Parents are failing children, is it really that hard to discipline your children, to teach them right from wrong and give them some damn consequences for their actions.

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