Why Don’t Black Lives Matter

You know what I find disgusting?

Throughout this pandemic the vast majority of you lot had NO issues uplifting the nhs by using hashtags, photos, memes, reposting videos,
getting children to draw photos to place in your windows, untold media and billboard coverage, graffitiing in public places, priority to queue jump, free journeys, discounts on food and merchandise and even dedicating every Thursday at 20:00 to clap and show your support for the NHS proclaiming how they are heroes and how much respect you have for them.

You had absolutely no problem letting the National Health Service know just how much you were thinking of them throughout and how much you will stand by them to protect them and keep them safe.

You also had no difficulties posting about mental health awareness and online bullying when Caroline flack took her own life. (Rest in peace) Companies took this as an opportunity to make profit by reposting one of her quotes as did MANY social influencers making be kind their sole caption on their social media platforms.

But when it comes to the BLACK LIVES MATTER the death, racism, prejudice, oppression & suffering black people face and have faced throughout centuries, I’ve noticed how many of you have stayed silent and in denial.
“Don’t want to jump on the bandwagon”
scrolling past posts making sure to avoid sharing, commenting or liking. But very much vocal when it’s to do with the negative coverage and scapegoating of the minorities I.e looting etc.
making a mockery out of black lives matter movement, out of George Floyd.
Narcissistically comparing other lives when the narrative has nothing to do with them but purely stating black lives matter TOO!
Calling anyone who supports #blacklivesmatter racist?
Not wanting to mess up your social media feed.

If you have black relatives, half black children, black friends, had or have a black partner, enjoy the fruits of a black persons labour, enjoy black culture whether it’s their food, music, dance, countries, clothes, if you have taken or found inspiration from a black person then I am losing my mind as to how you cannot see that there is an issue here with racism. Systemic racism & white privilege.
How you can condone any of the above? How can you not make a stand and call bullshit?
Where is the kindness you where all talking about few months ago? Why are we in 2020 and yet still screaming for change and to end racism?

Black people should NOT have to still fight this battle. BLACK LIVES MATTER TOO, why do you feel so entitled to act as if they don’t?

If you have a problem seeing millions of reposts of George Floyd and all the other brutal killings, beatings and abuse that black people go through, if you have a problem with people having a voice and coming together as one throughout this movement You are part of the problem with humanity and for me personally you are cancelled.

This is not just a ‘black battle’.
This is your battle aswell.
Stand up and do whats right, do better.

Because after all, “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/tsharna.rogers

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