Why I Banned Peppa Pig From My House

Why I banned peppa pig from my house

Peppa pig aka rude little brat is banned from my house and for good reason.

Now I’m not against my children Amelia 4 and Caleb 2 watching television at all, in fact sometimes it’s the only peace and quiet I get.

Now I’m sure every parent has seen Peppa pig but if not I’ll explain it.

Peppa lives in a large house with mummy pig daddy pig and her little brother George (who is the only bloody character whose name doesn’t rhyme) George carries a dinosaur around with him.

Every episode is just as wrong and annoying as the last.

Peppa has hardly any manners, is never disciplined, is rude to her friends even hangs up the phone on them when they can do something she can’t erm how bloody rude..

Peppa speaks for her brother and bosses him around this is probably why he is such a cry baby and constantly gets his own way, great life lesson cry and scream and get what you want.

Peppas parents give into their children and clearly the pigs are not supervised properly.

Peppa is a spoilt brat we all know that but that is not the only reason I’ve banned Peppa from my house.

The program is bloody annoying “a bing bong” song is one of the reasons that I can’t stand this awful show.

My daughter became obsessed with bloody puddles and stopped saying spaghetti we now have peegetti, arghhh chop her up and turn her into bacon.

My heart aches for poor Miss.Rabbit who has at least 10 jobs, there is a bloody potato, yes a potato, yet they eat chips, a hamster vet who treats other creatures.

What the actual hell are the producers on? Acid?

This show makes my brain hurt and my ears bleed, if Peppa was real I’d make her road kill.

We are now loyal fans of a child who is allowed to roam the jungle unattended with a creepy talking monkey called Boots and a bunch of puppies on a mission. Fml roll on the teen years.

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