Why I Wish I Hadn’t Had My Daughters Ears Pierced

Angelikara Willi took to Facebook to make others aware of the possible regret you may feel if you pierce your babies ears.

Willi said “When River was a few months old, I took her to have her ears pierced without much thought. Not only that, but I took her to a place that used a piercing gun.

I knew people were opposed to this, but I didn’t really care. I truly thought those people were just being dramatic. She wouldn’t remember the pain and it’s better to get them done before she can mess with them, I thought.

Eventually she didn’t like them.

She wanted me to take them out often, we kept losing earrings and they just bothered her.

As I grew in motherhood and knowledge, I decided not to put them back in.

I strongly believe that my children have a right to decide what alterations happen to their body, and realized that this too falls into a cosmetic alteration. I’ve posted before about her asking me why I did this to her, and apologizing because I did not know better. Thankfully I learned before I had my second daughter.

The holes have closed but the scarring mark remains… and now, more than four years later, look at that placement! It looked perfectly fine as an infant, but ears grow.

That is not where earrings should be placed, and now my baby will have those scars that I agreed to.

*Please, rethink piercing your baby’s ears*

Let them decide if they want this done…

their body, their choice.

Do you agree with what she says or is it easier to have them done when they can’t remember it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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