Why I’m Scared Of This Virus

I’m scared.
I said it.
I’m scared.
Yes, I am scared of viruses and hospitals overrun,
I am scared of ICU and not breathing by myself,
I am scared of dying.

But, I am also scared of a world with no future for my children,
I am scared of what happens when you stop teenagers talking, walking, spray painting,
And instead you watch them slowly and silently implode, dying inside
Or go and ‘break the rules’ in a desperate attempt to be human.

I am scared for the old ladies I used to talk to.
Visiting, passing, meeting in the shop.
The life blood of gossip beating in their veins,
‘Did you hear, hen, about Sheila’ their eyes sparkling with the importance of information passed on.

I’m scared for the boys and girls who work in the pubs and cafés.
Minimum wage to be nice to maximum wankers.
What now?

I’m scared.
We’re not all in this together,
This is the end for many.
We should all be scared.
It’s OK to be scared.

I am scared.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/peterandjaneandmummytoo/

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