Woman Stealing Baby Photos For Money

Brianna Manness is at it again.

For those of you who are new here and don’t know, Brianna stole photos of my daughter in the NICU claiming that she was her child and had passed away.

She posted it publicly to Facebook with a NICU photo of my daughter that I had posted with her GoFundMe link. Brianna, even after being caught and reported, took it as far as creating a gofundme for funeral costs and raised about $2,500 before it was shut down.

Not only has she faked my child’s death, she did the same to a friend of mine and her baby back home.

Today, she is now posing as a woman named Samantha Nellen, claiming she is 20 weeks pregnant, but when asked a second time she is suddenly 32 weeks pregnant. She is asking for photos of pregnant women’s bellies, cropping their faces out, and sending them to other women as if they are photos of her.

She has asked for photos of other women’s children as well as asking their sexuality and for full body photos of them. This woman is still so very sick in the head and has proven that she cannot be stopped when it comes to taking from and harassing other women and mothers.

If you can find the profile Samantha Nellen as well as Brianna Manness or Brianna Dawn Manness, please REPORT both and have them shut down. She better pray that her and I never come face to face, because not only did she fake my child’s death TWICE, she’s doing so with other children and it is HORRIFYING.

Mama’s please warn other parents and pregnant women!

This is an old screenshot used as an example of her behavior, that she is currently still acting on to this day.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/gracelynn.willard


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