Yes Comfort Toys Are Dangerous When Baby Is Sleeping

I am asked about comfort toys like this or little taggie blankets. So many say to me surly these can’t be dangerous they’re so little.

Sadly the truth is when it comes to suffocation or asphyxiation because of re breathing co2 I sadly have known a precious baby to die from tiny corner of a bed sheet covering his nose and causing him to suffocate. So I truly do try and explain how unsafe even the smallest comforter is.

An how when small all babies are nose breathers and so If even one nostril is covered this means they are re Breathing their co2 and also their oxygen is being deprived.

Also a small blanket can even smother a little newborn . So as sweet as some think or as precious as one believes a comfort toy is they really are dangerous be it a tiny taggie or a big teddy. When I see mums in groups talking about what comforter their children / babies have sometimes my heart misses a beat at pictures I see.

So please please be aware of the dangers of absolutely any type of teddy or blanket no matter the size. Safe clutter free sleep environment. ABCs is the only way to sleep your precious bundle of joy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️



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