YES I Use A Backpack Leash With My Daughter

Yes! I use a backpack “leash” with my daughter… why? Well why not πŸ€”

She’s NOT wearing a backpack “leash” because she’s an animal πŸ™„. She’s not out of control. It’s not because she doesn’t listen. It’s not because I’m lazy.

πŸ—£She’s ONE!

She is learning. She’s learning freedom & independence but also safety & boundaries.

She’s curious. She wants to explore. She doesn’t want to be stuck sitting in a stroller, she wants to walk & burn energy.

Because human trafficking is REAL! Child predators are lurking, waiting for you to be distracted to snatch your child. They are looking for targets.

I’m not naive. Danger is out there in almost every situation. It could be crossing a parking lot. I have multiple kids, distractions happen.

A parent could have a toddler who’s a runner.

I feel better knowing that she is still attached to me but with a little mobility and not running off.

I often hear “oh but I would never…” well good for you πŸ‘

So to sum it up…




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