YES I Will Judge Your Parenting

Yes I will judge your parenting and no i am not by any means a perfect parent everyone makes mistakes, I wont judge you if you look a mess, your hairs not brushed or your child is crying or having a temper tantrum these are all normal parts of parenting.

I however will judge you if i see you giving your baby coca cola in a bottle, adding rice or cereal into their bottle to help them sleep more, come on choking risk or an extra hour in bed, I know which one I would prefer.

You wearing name brand clothes, warm winter coats,gloves, scarf and a pair of uggs whilst your child is sat in a dirty pram with no socks or shoes on, dirty stained top and no coat, heck yes I will judge away, ill stand up and say something.

Putting your seat belt on in the car for your own safety whilst your tiny baby is forward facing or sat on someones lap, I will educate you on safe car seat laws.

If you go on holiday abroad 2 or 3 times a year with your friends or partner whilst your kids are lucky to get a weekend in a caravan I will judge you and ignore your lame excuses.

If you refuse vaccinations for your child you my dear are a moron, vaccinations were made to protect children and adults from deadly diseases, someone please explain to me why the government would make something (for free in the UK) to harm children.

Judging other parents is totally and utterly acceptable if the parents are idiots, don’t wean your baby at 3 months, don’t risk their lives, dont put them in harm’s way and dont put yourself before them,  I would hope someone would have the courage to tell me if I am doing something that places my child at risk.

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