Yogurt Bites Can Be Deadly

We had a big scare at our house yesterday. After Aliyah’s nap I put her in her high chair for her snack. I gave her a yogurt bite and turned to clean some bottles in the sink.

Checked on her. The first yogurt bite was gone so I gave her another. Turned my back to put away some dishes and when I turned back around (maybe 30 seconds later) her face was beet red and she was gagging. I screamed for brian while taking her out of the high chair.

As he called 911 I turned her face down and began smacking her back. It seemed like forever before she began expelling the lodged yogurt bites. What came out was globs of sticky and gooey yogurt bites with a consistency and feel just like elmers glue. (See picture)

Thank goodness for the quick response of the Fire Dept, Ambulance and police. (Yes, all three showed up) They were all wonderful and reassured us that we did everything right, but I had a melt down in the ambulance. The EMT said that yogurt bites are not a safe snack as they don’t really melt away as advertised. Instead they turn to goo.

The problem is that small children are not capable of clearing their throat, so when the goo gets caught, they can’t swallow it or expel it on their own and when they try to breath the slime goes into the airway.
Please let this be a warning to all parents and grandparents. I’m not saying that yogurt bites should be taken off the market. I’m just putting this out there so everyone is aware. It will be a long time before we try them again. 😬
***Yogurt bites are recommended for crawlers. Aliyah is a crawler. I do believe that recommendation should be changed to walker. AND LET THIS BE A HARD LESSON….DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK ON A CHILD WHO IS EATING ANYTHING!! I’ve learned my lesson. 😥
Here is a YouTube video on how to save A CONSCIENCE choking baby:


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