You Can Never Be Too Overprotective When It Comes To Your Baby

So I haven’t shared this bc….i just haven’t but parents and if your thinking about having a child read and it’s lengthy but here is our story ….so after Weston got home a couple of days passed and on Christmas his skin (full body) turned really red all of a sudden. He looked like he had a sun burn. After notifying the pediatrician we were told to not take him to the ER bc the flu was huge right now and unless he had fever just bring him in the next morning, so that’s what we did.

The pediatrician told us his red blood cells were high (this is common) and he had yeast infection diaper rash and we were given a cream and sent home. The next day his “diaper rash” turned into blisters. After telling the pediatrician office this, they said “use the cream 4 times instead of just 2” so we did just that. On Friday his “diaper rash” was horrible, he had about 7 blisters around his diaper area and inner thigh and his face was extremely chapped and had started getting a rash and swollen. I decided to google “yeast infection diaper rash” and Weston’s looked nothing like this. We called the pediatrician and left a voicemail detailing this.

Within an hour they called me back and said “go to Vandy ER immediately”. After we got there his rash got much worse. After having his blood drawn, a catheter for a urine sample, a stool sample, a spinal tap, and fluid drawn from the blisters. Weston was diagnosed with “scalded skin syndrome” which is also a horrible staph infection.

Our baby was in intense pain since bringing him home from the hospital and we had no clue. We were told today that this was caused by staph most commonly from the nose of an adult. Meaning even though we told people “don’t kiss him” people still did. I’m writing this to tell all parents don’t be afraid to tell people “don’t kiss my baby”. Don’t be afraid to tell people “no you can’t hold him”. Watch people closely. Who cares if people make fun of you for how you parent bc we could be burying Weston it was so bad.

Luckily we caught it early enough and he is a fighter and we will probably come home today or tomorrow, some babies aren’t that lucky. I’m showing these pics so that people can see just why some of us are “too overprotective”. One pic is the day before and the other is the next day when we arrived at the hospital, and the last is today. Again don’t be afraid to be the “mean person” bc it literally could be life or death.


Credit Steve sanders

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