You Destroyed Our Lives, We Need Justice

To the 2 individuals who I won’t even write your names. 2 years ago today your thoughtless actions changed the once perfect world we had.

You awoken knowing your plans for the day of driving round in an already stolen car without any care or regard for any body else. Driving around recklessly and enjoying your trips to a cafe and gym.

Then after seeing a police car you drove through 2 red lights at 83mph in a 30mph zone! You struck 2 very important people to me. One of them was my mother in law Angela who had worked her whole life to give her family and children everything they needed. Then took early retirement to help me and Rebecca look after our children so we could try to do the same for them.

The other one was my so small and precious 4-year-old Violet-Grace! You was going so fast she was thrown through the air to the next crossing island, which was over 50 meters away!

You got out of the car and both stepped over her tiny broken body dying in the road not thinking about helping just about making your escape. Then someone who stopped to help thought one of you was coming back to help, but no just to get a small black bag of evidence out of the car.

After one of you getting your passport from home you was on a flight with in 3 hours to Amsterdam to “smoke some weed and clear your head.” While the other was already getting your hair cut and making your way to Scotland.

Violet spent nearly 36 hours fighting for her life but her injuries due to your actions where far too much for her little body to take. The next day, the 25th march Violet took her last breath in mine and her mummy’s arms! Violet saved 2 lives through Organ Donation of people she never knew or met. Violet would have saved more lives but her other organs where to badly damaged. She saved the lives of people she never knew or met. While you 2 couldn’t even stop to try to help save the lives of the 2 people you put in that situation!

We had to say goodbye to our little superhero knowing she would become someone else superhero.

Violet-Grace will for ever be a superhero. What you did will never be forgotten. I hope that day haunts your dreams as it does mine.

So far 99,446 people agree your sentence was an insult. Already now you’s are nearly half way through your sentence counting down the day until you can go home. While we are still trying to pick up what pieces of our life you’d left us.

Violet-Grace will never come home again. She never get to play with her little brother or grinds again.

This is why this petition needs to reach the 100000 signatures so people like you get a sentence that will never be enough but will at least be some where enough time to really think about the lives you have destroyed!

Please click the link to sign

By Glen Youens

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