You Don’t Have To Be Loud and Angry To Make A Difference

I made the mistake of thinking I had to be louder and angrier to make a difference.

I would scream and nag people, I thought I had to join in the bitching of others to be accepted by them, I had to be the most out spoken and rude to fit in.

I was wrong.

I have never achieved anything worthwhile by raging, shouting at someone, putting all my energy into bad feelings, or forgetting to be compassionate, I have never made a friend who would say bad about me behind my back unlike before with all my false bitchy friends.

I give people the benefit of the doubt, I trust that their intentions are good. Where I can I make friends, build relationships and forge connections. I never forget kindness offered to me and am willing to repay any given to me at a moments notice.

I also make mistakes, make amends, practise again, get it wrong, try again, maybe get it right or do it all again. I learn so much from better people again and again and again.

Slow, steady, kind, controlled is how I do it, I hope I never forget.

You know what since I let my anger go, I sleep better, I feel better, I AM BETTER!

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