You Should NEVER Say This to a Pregnant Woman!

Pregnancy is a magical experience, bringing new life into the world is truly a gift.

However, pregnant women are generally an emotional bag of crazy and should not be messed with!

These are 10 things you should NEVER say to pregnant women unless you are prepared for a tongue lashing!

1. Are you sure you’re not having twins?

Seriously! We know we look enormous and this is in no way a subtle reminder!


2. You look like you’re really done.

Why not say what you really mean… “You look like shit!” Thanks mate, already know and frankly don’t need to be told!


3. You are HUGE!

See point number 1! It is NEVER ok to call a women fat and let’s face it that’s what it feels like we are being called!


4. You look farther along than five/six/seven/eight months. I’m sure you’ll go early.

What do you expect from this? “Oh no really? I guess the doctors and midwives got it wrong. Thank goodness you’ve helped so much!” No. Don’t say it.


5. You’re carrying really low/high/wide etc…

You wouldn’t comment on how a non pregnant persons weight is being carried so don’t comment on ours and expect a pleasant response!


6. I’m sure it’s a boy/girl.

Just don’t. Really don’t. If we wanted to know the gender we’d find out at a scan. If we didn’t we wouldn’t. We don’t need every nosey Nelly telling us what they think when, let’s face it, everyone has 50% chance of being right!


7. You look like you’re ready to pop!

And we feel it too. But babies come when they are ready, so no need to remind me mine isn’t yet!


8. I hope you can get your figure back.

*deep inhale*


9. I had the worst labour ever. Never want to do what again.

Thanks for the support! Just what we needed, a helpful reminder of the hellish pain we’ll soon be going through.


10. Better sleep now while you can!

Are you for real? You think sleeping while pregnant is easy or fun? We need to pee every 20 minutes, the baby seems to be having a kickboxing lesson and the heartburn wants to drown us as soon as we lay down. So yeah we’ll sleep when we can. Thanks for the tip!



What are some of the things you hated people saying to you while you were pregnant?

Let us know in the comments.

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