You Should Put A Label On Your Breastmilk Before I Drink It

Yes, I know I was in the wrong for using my colleagues coffee creamer or what I thought was coffee creamer, you could class it as theft I suppose, but when you have been on a long night shift and were in such a flap before you started work, what with my toddler having a melt down as mummy was off to work, and my husband moaning about bills I had completely forgot to bring my own.

I used a colleagues coffee creamer after all, we all work together and I used only a quarter, I did plan to leave a note and buy them a new one on my next shift, ok I forgot to leave a note it was a very busy shift.

The next time I returned to work I looked in the staff fridge and saw a note on the creamer (not the one pictured I didn’t have my phone on me but the message was very similar).

I was fuming and I mean fuming surely if you are going  to leave bodily fluids in the staff fridge it should be clearly labelled, that’s like me leaving a urine sample in an apple juice carton, common sense people!

Yes I shouldn’t of used it but it is so utterly wrong to leave bodily fluid in our staff fridge without some warning on it, my colleague clearly has time to leave rude notes but not the time to write Breast milk on it.

I have taken this to HR and they have told my colleague they should label all breast milk clearly in future, well my colleague is fuming, stated that we are being nasty to her for breast-feeding, which is not the case, all we need is clarification on what is being kept in the joint fridge.

Am I in the wrong for wanting to know whats kept in the fridge? Does my colleague have a right to be angry?

One thought on “You Should Put A Label On Your Breastmilk Before I Drink It

  • 30th July 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I think you are in the wrong. It was not yours, you shouldn’t have touched it and SURELY not used/drink it without asking the person it belongs to. Might as well have medicine in it, you never know. You have no right to be angry because you are the one who violated privacy. Nobody would have known or cared that there was breastmilk in the fridge if you didn’t use something that clearly wasn’t yours.


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