You Will Never Guess What He Is Allergic to

Now we normally associate allergies, to nuts, dairy and the norm like washing powder, pet hair etc.

Some of which are deadly.

So when I received a call to collected my 3 year old son from a birthday party because he had a rash and was vomited, I assumed he had a viral infection, only when he started struggling to breathe did I realise we were in real danger.

We rushed to hospital to be told he was having a severe allergic reaction.

Once he was better they conducted numerous tests to try and determine what had caused it, I had to keep a food diary.

After 5 months we were still none the wiser and I was living in constant fear that we would discover what caused it by accident and my little lad could have another reaction. 

One sunny Monday afternoon the ice cream van pulled up and my 3 children wanted to get a treat. 

I was fine about it, knowing that my son had ice cream before and was fine, my other son asked if he could have a drink instead.

My eldest bought a fizzy orange drink he drank the majority and off he went to play on his laptop.

My little lad picked up the orange drink and drank the last few sips, within a matter of minutes the old rash appeared and I rushed him back to hospital… this time with the bottle of orange.

More tests were carried out and we discovered my lad is allergic to the Colouring (Beta Carotene).

I’m happy about this, it’s so easy to avoid and won’t effect his life as long as he checks labels.

I’ve never met another child allergic to fizzy orange. 

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