Young Girl Beaten By Grown Woman

Tiffany Leanne Schofield’s daughter was vicioucly beaten by a grown woman.

Her mum took to Facebook and said

“So after recent events and conversations with multiple people about the scum named Jayde Binch I just wanted to give people an update on the effects my daughter has suffered since she got beaten by a grown ass women.

Just a quick recap of the events, my daughter was 11 years old when it happened she was ‘best friend’s’ with Jaydes daughter and because they fell out (as girls do) Jayde took it upon herself to go find my daughter and beat her punched her several times in the face till my daughter fell to the floor which she then proceeded to kick her while she was down, then grabbed her by her hair and tried to shove her into the car.

 My daughter with all her courage and strength managed to break free from Jaydes grip. This woman is a trained boxer so as u can imagine the punches would have came down like bricks to my daughter.

She was taken to hospital and police was called out, it got taken to court I had to sit and watch on cctv what that evil women did to my daughter without saying a word. The judge who also watched the cctv footage gave her a fine, a fucking fine how is that justice?.

A year and half later my daughter is still seeing a councillor, still has flashbacks of that awful night, she now has a barrier up which she will not lower, she don’t understand how someone could do what this evil person did and yet get away with it”.

Written by Tiffany Leanne Schofield

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