You’re So Lucky You Get To Leave Work Early

Single Working mum

I just want to put this out there first, I love both my children very much. I would do anything for either of them, no matter the cost. After having my second child I decided I didn’t want any more children, I was happy with them.

Once my youngest was able to talk freely and tell me what she wanted or if she was hurt I felt she was ready for nursery and me to go back to work. Her speech is very advanced for her age, you could have a full blown conversation with her by the age of 18months.

So she went to nursery and I got myself a job. I admit it’s not the best job in the world but a job is a job right? Pays the bills and all I was thinking about was giving them a better life, a life I always dreamed of. As I stated before, I love my children dearly but oh my, it is so tiring!

I may only work 5 and half hours a day but my actual day starts at 6am and don’t finish until 7pm, every single day. All the time at work I get ‘your so lucky you get to leave when you do’ these people don’t have children.

These people don’t understand that I don’t just go home and do what I want, like they do. I don’t just go to the pub with friends or go out for food. I pick both my children up from school. I take them home. I cook them dinner. Help my eldest with reading and homework. I then bath my children and they then settle down for bed.

Once they are in bed I think to myself ‘i should really get some washing done or maybe pick the toys up’ I then look at the toys around me and I don’t want to move. It’s so nice just sitting on the sofa, peace and quiet with a cup of coffee. After about half an hour I’m bored so I tidy up, have a bath and then go to bed to recharge for the next day. This is my routine and I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way, I just wish it was not so draining.

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