Can I ask advice if you don’t put dad in birth certificate can I still get chil…


Can I ask advice if you don’t put dad in birth certificate can I still get child maintenance for the baby? What happens if the dad not willing to pay child maintenance ?



  1. This is silly. If you expect him to provide for his child and pay maintenance, you shouldn’t purposefully leave him off the birth certificate. You can’t have it both ways. Money isn’t everything..

  2. You can still get child maintenance if dad isn’t on the birth certificate, if he denies being the dad, they will do a DNA test which if proves he is the dad he will have to pay for and then pay child maintenance. My daughters dad isn’t on the birth certificate through his own choice, he left when she was 2 months old, blocked my number and everything and haven’t hear from him since. I was thinking about applying for child maintenance because it’s so hard ! But I decided not to, because I decided I would rather do it on my own than have a penny from him ! xx

  3. Where I’m from, it’s illegal to not put the name of the child’s father unless you honestly don’t know who he is (random club hook up, rape etc) but from my understanding, you can’t collect money from someone who isn’t listed to be the dad? SMH??????

  4. Depends where you are from but it honestly sounds like all you care about is money and not letting your child have a relationship with their father, I’d give anything for my sons dad to want to know him then there are women who play god with their child pisses me right off.

  5. Yes you can still claim for maintenance if his not on the certificate… people dont know the reasons why his not on the certificate if he never turned up to registered baby then he cant be on there as he has to be present. So not for me or anyone to judge, she asked for advise.

  6. He should be on the birth certificate full stop. Whether he’s a low life or a great person your child deserves to know who and where they come from. No you won’t get maintenance if he’s not on the certificate and damn right too. This seems to me like the the child being used as a weapon!

  7. U can’t expect cm if he’s not on
    The birth cert u have to prove that the baby is ur child matentence don’t work like that sorry I don’t get cm for my older 2 as there dads not on the birthcert and I look after them my self

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