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    Can I have a ppp this is going to be long one but I really need some help and advice please. I have an 8 year old boy and I have not been in relationship with his dad for 7 years now due to domestic violence, he is a narcissist and would do anything to get control back on me, when my son was a baby, he took him from me and blackmailed me into getting him back. ‘ my only friend I had left was not allowed to be near my son and only then would my sons dad bring him back to me’ I got my son back and went to a solicitor I got a non molestation order out and a prohibited steps order so he could not take him again. He was granted contact by the courts with my son. A few years later I got into a relationship, I had no problems with my sons dad because he knew while there was a man around he could no longer control me. Fast forward to now my relationship ended and the control has come back, every time he picked my son up he would say things like you look really nice and was trying to talk about when we was in a relationship and it just made me feel really uncomfortable in the end I said please stop it’s making me feel uncomfortable. He took my son for the weekend but he didn’t bring him back, I had to wait 6 weeks to go back to court to get another order to state he had to bring him back immediately which he breached straight away and still had to wait another week till he said when he was bringing him back, whilst my son was at his dads, his dad phoned social services and said I was a incompetent mother and my son was terrified of me, and that’s why he took him, I now have social services involved but they literally believe every word my sons dad saids even though there no evidence of anything. I have my son back now but he has changed, he has become more demanding and rude and expects me to do everything for him as and when he wants it done, as horrible as it sounds it’s like he has turned into his dad and I dont know what to do. I want to stop contact with his dad completely but I don’t know if I have enough grounds to do that we are going back to court as he has also applied for full custody now aswell. I thought it was over but I am realising that this will never be over my sons dad will always try do anything he can to have that bit of control over me!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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