What the Cast of Hocus Pocus Look Like NOW!

It’s a commonly held belief that Hocus Pocus is the greatest Halloween film that has ever been made!  The Sanderson Sisters are completely iconic and the film is filled with amazing memorable one-liners. While it might be hard to believe but Hocus Pocus is 24 years-old!

We thought it would be nice to see what the main cast look like now!

Winifred Sanderson portrayed by Bette Midler.  Wini was the boss bitch of the Sanderson Sisters.  Everything they accomplished was really because of her and ‘Book’.

Mary Sanderson portrayed by Kathy Najimy.  Marys main goals are to please her sister Winifred and stay forever young.

Sarah Sanderson portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.  Sarah was definitely not the brightest of the sisters.  But they can credit collecting so many children to her alluring singing voice.

Max portrayed by Omri Katz.  All incidents that take place in this movie are down to Max, and the fact that his lack of sexual activity meant lighting a candle was not a good idea.

Dani portrayed by Thora Birch.  Dani is the sister of Max and she tries her best to help save the day.  Her attitude and love for Binks are definitely highlights of this movie!

Allison portrayed by Vinessa Shaw.  Allison is a pretty girl in Max’s school that gets tangled up in the adventure eventually becoming Max’s girlfriend.

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Author: Ashleigh Sanderson

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