Could i have a private post please its not baby related more of a LONG personal …


Could i have a private post please its not baby related more of a LONG personal subject, when my mum was a young girl her older brother used to make her feel very uncomfortable i dont know the ins and outs apart from he used to watch her get dressed and open the door when she was in toilet and just stare etc theres more to it but fast forward years down the line when she had me she let him babysit me and my sister, i cant remember what happened that night as i was only about 4/5 years old except my mum told my step dad that he came into the bedroom i was sleeping in and i woke up in the dark and he was there and had been drinking wile my mum was out, i just remember having alot of problems that suddenly started like waking up during the night in a panic, being pertrified of the dark and being in rooms with the doors closed , still to this day im 27 years old with 3 children im petrified of being in the dark i cant even go in the toilet and close the door , i remember i used to go out with a woman to mcdonalds we used to play games and draw she was really nice ( i now know this was a social worker ) my mum took me to the doctors after i started getting these problems and told them everything about her brother and the past and that he babysat me so they got the social involved, the problem is ive just found out thats the reason i had problems as a child and ive been in the same room as my uncle for years with my mum there at partys etc and feel very hurt because she knew something happened she took me to the doctors herself off her own back when i was young and the night after he babysat us my sister heard them arguing and him punching walls, im writing this to ask how to go about getting answers as i was so young and its been kept from me my whole life would the social work still have me on record and tell me what the outcome was as to what my uncle done that night ? ive tried to fit the majority of the story in this post, tia for any replys ( p.s my mums very private i feel very uncomfortable having this conversation with her as ive been kept from the truth i always thought i was a strange girl with these problems and never knew why i was like this until recently but the fact she says shes messed up for what her brother put her through in the past then to let him watch me and let me be near him after years of distress is to hurtfull )


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