Hi can i have a ppp. So I just want a bit of a dive please anyone ever gone thro…


Hi can i have a ppp.
So I just want a bit of a dive please anyone ever gone through this or know what it could be?
I will be doing normal day to day stuff e.g. cleaning playing in garden wiv my lo on a day out walks anything and suddenly unexpectidly a horrible scenario will pop in my head for example if I’m on a walk with my lo and i may suddenly feel sick at the thought of myself or her or anyone around us at the time were to fall or be run over. Instead of it going away it plays like its actually happening and i go through all the emotions of helping with first aid tuning or being in an ambulance all sorts as if its actually happening only does it stop is when the emotions get too much to for me and i snap out of it and realise its not real. I take a deep breath and hug my girl tight. Iv always been like this but since having my lg 2 3 in few weeks its become more and more and more in depth. I think due to me wanting to protect her from anything and everything. Has any one had this is this what anxiety is i want to go see and Dr and finaly taking the courage to do this tomorrow i just wanted to no do others go through this or is it just me?
Please no slaying on the is this anxiety question i realy dont know what it is and im just asking coz i have seen alot of people asking anxiety questions and depression questions and comments from people saying nasty things and that u shouldn’t just jump on the anxiety/depression wagon this is not my intention thankyou



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