Ppp to any page. Where do I start me and my ex (baby’s dad) have been split up a…


Ppp to any page. Where do I start me and my ex (baby’s dad) have been split up almost a year I haven’t took him to csa but he stopped seeing her (his choice) about 2-3 months ago. Anyways he hasn’t paid for her (£60-£80 a month) for 2-3 months. He has a new girlfriend as is being a dad to her kids but not his own! Where do I stand as my daughter is asking where her dad is and why he isn’t seeing her also I don’t want to take him to csa as he will start and threaten and he will just say I’m contacting him due to being in a relationship? What would you girls do? Also where do I stand he has been in and out his child’s life and I had to beg him to see her but now he hasn’t messaged at all to ask if she is ok?



  1. Just get csa to put the money from his account straight into yours. Its called cms now and they will charge him extra for doing that and deduct some from you but it’s the only way to receive it if he’s being like that.
    If he starts just say you wouldn’t have to go through this if he saw his child consistently & to communicate with each other

  2. As a lad. I’d say screw the money. If he doesn’t want to see his kid that’s his loss. If he’s paying them at any point he can use that. Whereas if you cut all ties then he’s gone. I’m sorry I know people won’t agree but if someone can’t be arsed to be a dad then you’ll probably be a better happy family if you go it alone and be free from the hassle. I mean is he worth it for £30 ish a week? 🙂 xx

  3. Ring csa, they are there to collect money off him for your child’s upbringing whether he sees child or not! Too many assholes getting away with it, it’s the poor kids that suffer! And depending on his wage, minimum wage on full time hours he will have to give around £35 depending on his circumstances x

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