PPP xx So my daughter is stayin…


PPP xx So my daughter is staying at my friends house tonight and my friend rang so that i could say goodnight, she asked if my partner was with me ( asuming she wanted to talk to me about something ) and at the time he was, so i told her i would ring her later. He heard her ask if he was there over the phone and he acused me of hiding something from him, i told him i dont know what she wants to talk about but he insists that i do. we had a big row and i told him that a relationship without trust is pointless. so he took my engagement ring, i rang my friend when he left the room to go to bed and all she wanted to tell me is that my daughter told me she was scared of Daddys aleins ( my partner likes watching alein documentries and she walked in while we were watching one. my friend wanted to tell me with him not around because she didnt want him to take it the wrong way thats all, havnt been able to tell him the last bit because hes sleeping, am i in the wrong because im angry that he didnt trust me?


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