20 Things You Would Only Know If You’ve Had A C-Section

20 things you would only know if you’ve had a c-section..

1. Whether you felt fear, disappointment or even relief, when you’re told you’re having an emergency caesarean it’s a big deal.

2. Birth plan out the window, it started to feel very real seeing your birth partner all gowned up.

3. You’ve never felt such a strong urge to move, as when they were putting in that spinal injection.

4. As if that’s not bad enough, you have to sign a declaration “Don’t move or you might become paralysed” Totally terrifying!

5. You’re then terrified the anaesthetic won’t work and you’re going to feel them cut you open.

6. Then suddenly they are inside you and you didn’t even know. It’s not terrible, although weirdly it felt a bit like they were doing the washing up.

7. Then came the shakes. No one mentioned that bit! You literally can’t stop your arms moving.

8. Wow there was a lot of people in that very small room. Dignity was out the window.

And After…

9. Oh the pain! Being hit by a car pretty much sums it up.

10. The painkillers were good, but you certainly paid for it, if ever late taking them.

11. Why was everywhere soooooooo itchy.

12. That first walk to the bathroom felt like a marathon. But, so much pride when you completed that shuffle.

13. Then came the really weird wind bubbles, that actually hurt.

14. And a shower? seriously, you felt like you should of had a medal for getting through that first time.

15. Soft baggy joggers were your go to. Worn like Simon Cowell and on repeat for days.

16. You really didn’t expect to still bleed so much.

17. The scariest thing of all though, was going for a poo!

18. Well that, or when the midwife asked to touch your scar.

19. The scar was talked about, but why did no one warn you about the tummy shelf you’re left with.

20. C-sections, the so called easy way out, as if!


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