Always Give Your Wife The Best Of You

Always Give Your Wife The Best Of You

Before I got married one of my relatives who had been divorced gave me advice, he said “Always give your wife the best of you, the mistake I made was assuming that I could just give what’s left and that would be enough.”

What he meant was that he would come home late after a long day of work and only give his wife a few minutes of time before going to eat and sleep, on the weekend he would only hang out with his wife for a couple of hours before disappearing for most of the day with his friends.

Eventually it was the constant distance not just physically but emotionally and spiritually that erased the feelings they had for each other, the love that existed had gone.

There is a reason they say that family is the most important thing, because when you put your family first everything else seems to fall in place so beautifully, things feel right, you feel that no matter how bad things get in every other part of your life you still have a home filled with love, you still have open arms ready to comfort you when you get home, and you still have the people who love you most ready to support you and make you strong again.

There is a beautiful quote that I read which said a great marriage doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how will you continue building that love till the end, and that is what we try to do, every day, to build that love till the day we are together forever in heaven. Full credit: Khalid Al Ameri

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