Being Obese Is Really Not Beautiful

Being fat is not beautiful

If you are obese please sort yourself out you are not beautiful you are unhealthy and need to learn how to cook healthy, nutritious meals and that you have the ability to walk places and exercise, slimming word is relatively cheap so are vegetables.

Being fat causes great strain on the NHS, did you know that obesity costs Britain more money than the war on terror , you increase the chances of getting diabetes, cancer, strokes, heart disease and depression but that’s your problem, my biggest problem is you will claim DLA for being fat, I mean come on being fat is not an illness it is pure laziness and the lack of self-control.

There is a worrying trend of obese parents whose children are also dangerously over weight, don’t we all want whats best for our children, well I don’t feel your child struggling to run around with their friends a is a great start in life, you are setting them up to fail.

Campaigns go round saying love your skin, big is beautiful, but stretch marks, flappy bits of skin and heavy breathing from walking up a flight of stairs is not attractive in the slightest, now I know some larger people can;’t help it ie on steroids or thyroid problems but not all of you can use this excuse!!!

Now if you wish to eat like a pig or stay sat down in front of the tv whilst claiming benefits that’s up to you, but no one can persuade me that big is beautiful, unhealthy yes but beautiful heck no!!

Sent in via email by Patricia Scott of Cumbria

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