Bride Runs Off Without Paying For Dress

Here we go , the photos of the bride who run away without paying the rest for her wedding dress.

This was the most time-consuming dress I ever made , very difficult structure.

I never gave any of my dresses or cots away without full payment. For the first time I decided to take the dresses to the hotel night before so I could have some rest, press the dresses . As I said dress was very difficult and heavy , didn’t want to rush in the morning. The father of the bride reassured me he will pay the rest of the money about 35% left when I bring the dresses ( I made mother of the bride outfit also.)

The bride and her mum was keep saying there is nothing to worry , I will get paid , her dad is very busy and on his way to pay me etc Everything changed when the dresses was on , rude drunken attitude from the father, threatening , sisters were pushing me trying to get bride through , waving with the money to my face trying to get me out of my room ( I dress bride in our hotel room ) . I never had such experience in my life , it was scary , couldn’t stop crying. Father jump on me and drug her veil out of my hands , screaming and insulting me and my husband. I don’t want to go into any further details , it was horrible ! they left easy after to celebrate their wedding .😥😥😥

Also as I found out this morning they said Crystal’s wedding dress was made by Thelma …

So many sleepless nights was spent on this dress to make the bride dream come true, they called me her ” fairy God mother ” , people who knows me have good idea how hard I work to make every dress to perfection. Was absolutely shocked to get this attitude in the end ..

It wasn’t only me who was let down that morning , hairdresser and make up artist Ginas Thompson didn’t get pay at all for all their hard work , they did 11 girls from 4am after 4.5hrs drive. I think this is absolutely unacceptable 😥😥😥

Full credit: Anna Sanders

Author: XGemx

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