Can i have a pp on new page please. I have nexplanon implant for 1.5 years and…


Can i have a pp on new page please.

I have nexplanon implant for 1.5 years and had got mini pill from doc for bleeding but I stopped taking it after a few days as it wasn’t agreeing with me (mood wise) I stopped taking it last month and the bleeding has stopped. However since Monday I have extreme lower back pain with mild cramping and very very light bleeding. My boobs are a little sore but nothing major. I have taken two pregnancy tests both negitive. Along with having nexplanon my boyfriend nearly always pulls out long before the deed is done however it was a few days beforw christmas he didn’t.

What is the chances that I’m actually pregnant? I am 24 with no kids and being pregnant would be the worst thing that could happen to me. I feel like im about to get my period but no bleeding enough to have a pad yet.

Please advise me if this is normal for implant or if this has happened a lot of girls and implant has failed (the new implant).

I am doubting myself as I am sure the .3% is very slim and I am just going to get my period but I am freaking out.

Please dont scare me by commenting that im definitely pregnant unless you have actually experienced this yourself and you were pregnant not from your own failure but purely from nexplanon I see a lot of posts that just scare girls.. sorry for long post but need advice i am extremly worried thank you



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