Can I have a ppp Just wanted to see if I might be over reacting with pregnancy…

Can I have a ppp

Just wanted to see if I might be over reacting with pregnancy hormones lol 😂 I am 8 months pregnant (with a small bump) and have a one year old at home and due to be married soon I found out that the best man who with only a few weeks before our wedding asked for us to change our numbers so he could bring his new girlfriend that I have only met once, I agreed and bent over backwards to make sure I had added to evening food and favours so she wasn’t left out.

But last night my partner told me the best man is having a small few chilled drinks at a calm cocktail bar this weekend and he has been invited (it is not just men going obviously he has girl mates going and all partners have been invited and he’s new girlfriend obviously that doesn’t know anyone but my partner there)

well he hasn’t invited me I understand I’m pregnant but I’m not dying, I never get to socialise much with having my one year old and so it would have been nice to at least get an invite or have a choice to say no I’m too tired however I would have loved to have gone and had a little adult conversation I understand people will be having drinks but he even said he as the birthday guy would only be having a couple and then going home as he has work so I don’t think me being there sober would be an issue as I didn’t drink before being pregnant, plus he has got a booth set up so I wouldn’t even be standing in a crowd 😞 i don’t know if I’m being petty or I have a right to feel a bit taken back by this when I have done all I could to have him happy at my wedding I am also pretty good friends with the best man so it’s not like I would be just there because of my partner….


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