can i have a ppp, me and my partner have been together since April last year, im…

can i have a ppp, me and my partner have been together since April last year, im 30 weeks pregnant with his child , we were friends 5 years before we got into a relationship i thought he was the best thing ever, i split from my ex who tret me like a dog and got with my partner a day after, i no so soon, anyway hes not what i thought he was at all! hes very opinionated about basicly everything i do, even to the point he tells me when i should put my daughter on time out like i dont no how to punish her but his 3 year old that comes over every other weekend can do no wrong! I’m very self conscious about my body and he new all this before we got together but informed me yesterday that he could never marry me because i have to be comfortable around him like getting naked and change infront of him ect! the house if its not spotless when he comes in it has to be tidied there and then or in his words it wont get done which is bullshit so i try make sure its done before he comes to mine because if not he chucks it in my face that he does more in the house then me!!! i cook clean shop look after a 2 year old whilst been tired 30 week pregnant have seizures and dont sleep! he said the other day but laughter as he said it that he shoulf have the wright to no who i talk to?? he gets me to that level where i tell him i want to kill myself and dont want to be here! i just tried talking to him saying the next time we get into a argument the way we have it needs to be over he didnt like what i was saying said i was talking down to him and at him thats all he ever says i said i was trying to talk to u and u took it the wrong way as usual! i have suffered witg depression for 15 years and no man has ever got my blood boiling like he does hes smug puts me down a lot and says its banter! u think he thinks hes above me actually i no ge thinks that! i really dont no what to do i think im with him because i dont want to be a single parent with 2 kids and not be abke to manage! i no thats no reason to stay with anyone but i dont no what to do 😢


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