Childminder Burnt Babies Feet Because She Kept Crying

Childminder Burnt Babies Feet Because She Kept Crying

When a mum returned home to her six-month-old baby, she wasn’t met by a smiling happy bundle of joy that she had left earlier. As she returned to her house after being away for a few hours, she discovered that 36-year-old babysitter Ismelda Ramos Mendoza had harmed her daughter.

The moment she got through the door, she knew something was not right. Upon looking at her baby, she discovered that the soles of her feet were covered in huge blisters.

When she asked the babysitter what had happened, the babysitter said she had no idea. The mother was not satisfied with the answer and suspected the babysitter did something to her child. She called the police to lodge a claim of child abuse.

She then took her daughter straight to the hospital after speaking to the police, where she discovered the real extent of her wounds. On both feet, she had severe burns, as if they had been cooked.

After 36-year-old Mendoza was arrested, it was discovered that she had become angry while she was cooking when the baby didn’t stop crying.

Mendoza then grabbed the baby and forced her feet into the frying pan as punishment, according to The Washington Post.


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8 thoughts on “Childminder Burnt Babies Feet Because She Kept Crying

  1. Am petrified that Human being can do this to. Child. Happy that the person is arrested . But just want to point few things before UK residents jump to blame to UK registered childminders .According to this article it happened – Washington. Not Uk. Also the person is not childminder but babysitter. In uk registered childminders are working different to USA regulation .

  2. Poor Baby! I hope the BABYSITTER got what she deserved! Please make sure you use the correct terminology though.. a Childminder is completely different to a babysitter!

  3. Please use the correct terminology in your title. This was a babysitter-not a childminder. As a childminder it upsets me that we get confused with babysitters. Babysitters do not have to follow government guidelines, do not undertake rigorous training, do not have to be paediatric first aid qualified whereas we do.

  4. This was a baby sitter NOT a childminder!! A childminder has training and has to follow safeguarding of children and many are qualified to degree levels. This person was definatly not that !! BABYSITTERS ARE NOT CHILDMINDERS !!!

    1. Baby sitters are human and people who can do this to a baby or any living thing is not human! She is a dangerous person who should be locked up.

  5. I hope this baby makes a full recovery and the babysitter is prosecuted tk the full extent of the law! However, the article calls the lady a childminder, she is not a childminder she is a babysitter. If this was in the UK a childmjnder goes through rigorous training to make sure they are compliant with legislation and that they are able to perform first aid when needed. This article gives a false impression of childminders.

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