Could i have a private post please. Would you see this as bullying? There is a n…

Could i have a private post please. Would you see this as bullying? There is a new girl in my daughter class, my daughter thinks the world of her. It started with her coming home from school everynight and making this little girl a picture, then it was i have to make one or she will get upset, and shes told me if i dont make her a picture she wont be my friend. Then she came home from school and had wet herself, i sat her down and asked what had happened, she said the little girl said she couldnt go the toilet because they were playing her game and if she did she would get upset, so my daughter wet herself to save the girl getting upset. The next day the little girl asked my daughter to wait while she went the toilet because she didnt want to be alone, so my daughter waited then went the toilet herself, the girl ran of and left my daughter on her own. The girl has said to my daughter my mums a police lady and if you dont do what i want i will cry and tell her your being mean!! In after school club the manager pulled me and said my daughter wanted to do facepainting with the other kids and the little girl said no shes playing playdoh with me, my daughter sat down to carry on the playdoh but the managaer said no she wants to facepaint and moved my daughter away. Its getting to a point where she doesnt want to go to school because shes worried she will be bossed around, but she said if i tell her teacher the police lady will tell her off šŸ˜ž its breaking my heart shes only 5 xx


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